Shri Krishna Prakash IPS, Spl Inspector General of Police (Admin), Maharashtra State & Dr Hansaji Yogendra, Director, The Yoga Institute along with Actor Shri Akshay Kumar and Actor Shri Sonu Sood, takes an initiative to launch “SURYASANA MOVEMENT ”.  Shri Akshay Kumar & Shri Sonu Sood, who in addition to being outstanding actors are also known as Fitness Icons and for their philanthropic contribution to the society. The Yoga Institute is the worlds oldest Yoga school spreading yogic awareness for 102 years in the world.  The event is also ably supported by Registration Portal, Townscript and Online Presence Partner “GoDaddy India” and globally promoted to NGOs by Nikhil Arora.

“Surayasana Movement” event will be launched on 21st June 2020, at 7:30 pm on “International Yoga Day” as promoted by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 

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The event is mainly focused to promote yogic practice viz “Surya Namaskar” and raise funds for the Front Line Warriors i.e. our Police Force, who have been dedicatedly working long hours not only 365 days of the year but presently more so in this hour of Pandemic crises, staying away from their family and friends, only to protect us civilians and be of service to us. 

The concept is very simple, everyone be it a child, teenager, adult or senior citizen, participates and contributes. 



Guidelines for Participation:

  1. Go to the Suryasana Movement webpage at www.theyogainstitute.org/suryathon2020 and register using the “Join the Movement” link. There are two categories of registration:

Normal Registration - Rs. 501/-

o You receive E-Certificate for the category you chose, which will have a special mention that you have contributed for the Corona Warriors

Charity Donor Registration – Rs. 3501/-

o Via this method, you donate a Fitness Tracker which captures Body Temperature, BP, Pulse rate, Steps etc. This tracker will help in timely health monitoring of our Frontline Corona Warriors - the Policemen & Policewomen

● International Donor Registration –  $ 40 USD - You receive E-Certificate for the category you chose, which will have a special mention that you have contributed for the Corona Warriors.. our Police Personnel. o Via this method, you donate a Fitness Tracker which captures Body Temperature, BP, Pulse rate, Steps etc., to the dedicated Frontline Corona Warrior. o This tracker will help in timely health monitoring of our Frontline Corona Warriors - the Policemen & Policewomen 
● Corporate Charity/CSR  Partnership  Registration  -   Any Company / Organization can register their staff / employees through Charity Registration to participate in the Suryasan Movement. o Any number of registrations is accepted. o Companies which register 500+ employees, we will have their logo on all our branding / marketing platforms as  “PHILANTHROPY PARTNERS  of  SURYASANA  MOVEMENT” o Your individual staff/employee will  receive E-Certificate of participation with a  special mention of your Company as “Philanthropy Partners of Suryasan Movement” on that  ECertificate. o Via this method, you donate a Fitness Tracker which captures Body Temperature, BP, Pulse rate, pedometer etc.  to our  Frontline Corona Warriors - the Policemen & Policewomen o And your employees who have participated will also  get the same device as a Gift.   o Along with this we will be providing a Dashboard software which will help the Company/Organization to monitor their staff/employees’ health  on daily basis i.e.   their body temperature, pulse rate, calorie intake, steps walked, etc., thereby acknowledging their present health condition to avoid any COVID 19 fatalities.  

o When you donate, you also receive the same device as a Gift to yourself to help you stay safe too!

  1. Select the number of times you would like to do Surya Namaskar between now and August 14, 2020. Movement results will be announced on August 15! Different options are:

● Mini Suryasana – 12 times

● Dash Suryasana – 24 times

● Half Suryasana – 54 times

● Full Suryasana – 108 times

● Ultra Suryasana – 156 times

And remember, this is not a competition. You don’t HAVE to do a fixed number of rounds. Everyone has to do their best based on their ability. The idea is to get moving and start living a healthier life.

  1. Follow our social media as given below to get instructions on how to perform Surya Namaskar, its benefits and variations such as Chair Yoga for the elderly and people who are differently-abled.​

  2. Record yourself performing Surya Namaskar and upload your videos to social media. Mention your registration number and tag the following accounts:









     3. Share your videos with maximum number of people and tag your friends to join in the movement

     4. Till date, 46 policemen have already lost their lives to Covid in the Maharashtra force while hundreds more have contracted the virus. This is due to the lack of proper protective gear and timely identification of the disease. By making a Charity Registration, your contribution will provide them PPE as well as the fitness tracker which will monitor their vital signs to promote early detection and swift treatment. It is time for us to come together as a nation to support our police force. They are always there for us, working through crises, festivals, even pandemic, so that the rest of us can continue to enjoy an undisturbed life. They deserve proper care and safety, and it’s time we do something for them.


Specification for Videos:

  1. Record your video in landscape mode (horizontally)

  2. Video should not exceed 1 minute. For longer videos, do one of the following:

    1. Record video using time lapse mode

    2. Speed up the video using video editor

    3. Split the video into multiple 1-minute long clips

  3. Make sure your videos as public and viewable by all


Other terms and conditions:

  1. The Suryasana Movement is open to all

  2. The videos should be strictly limited to performing Surya Namaskar only

  3. The person(s) in the videos should be suitably and modestly clothed

  4. While Surya Namaskar is suitable for all, in case you have any medical conditions or other limitations and/or concerns, please consult with your doctor



The Yoga Institute 

Founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, who is also known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance, The Yoga Institute is the world’s oldest organized centre of Yoga.  


The Institute promotes Classical authentic Yoga for the householders and the common man in a holistic way. Spearheading the ‘Yoga for the Householder’ movement in the world, Shri Yogendraji has invaluably contributed to the holistic development of communities through proactive participation worldwide, keeping in mind economic, social, physical, ecological, intellectual and spiritual integration. 


Three generations of Yogis have been relentlessly working to spread the knowledge of Yoga for nealry 102 years. 


Today under the exemplary leadership of Director, Dr. Hansaji J Yogendra, the Institute has made huge strides in the number of outreach programs, serving all sections of society. The Yoga Institute was conferred with the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Yoga by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji.


The Yoga Institute is widely spread in more than 100 countries and has trained more than 1,00,000 teachers globally spreading the goodness of ancient classical yoga for humanity and mankind. 


The Yoga Institute is proud to partner with Maharashtra Police for Suryathon 2020, and will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through each asana and every breath, and helping you get fit!


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Suryasana Movement is an initiative to show our gratitude to all those Policemen, who have been our Protector, 365 days 24x7, and are burning their energy for our safety.  It’s a call out for everyone to participate and gift them Health Protection by donating a Fitness Tracker (supported by GOQii), that helps in continuously monitoring their health parameters.  This is the time to keep yourself healthy and show your gratitude to your frontline warriors - your Police sisters & brothers. 

Jai Hind